RXR proceeding with development in an unlawful & dangerous way

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (“DEC”) has released the results of testing of discharges that were recently observed to be flowing from the RXR construction site at Garvies Point into Glen Cove Creek. They found:

  • carcinogenic volatile organic compounds (chlorinated solvents)
  • heavy metals
  • PCBs
  • suspended solids (particulate matter)
  • radioisotopes (radioactive material)

were being discharged into the creek in excess of legally permitted levels.

This contamination emanated from drains that were installed on the site during construction activities for RXR’s development.  Instead of seeking a solution to this troubling problem, RXR instead sought “relief” from the DEC and begged to be permitted to continue to poison our waters.

RXR has just been caught red-handed proceeding with the Garvies Point development in an unlawful & dangerous way. These impacts highlight the negligent approach of the City of Glen Cove and RXR – build first and ask questions later. How do you feel about that?

Take a moment to write or call our officials in opposition to this development – cite the news of these toxins.

  1. Contact Governor Cuomo’s Office using this link
  2. Contact Nassau County Executive’s Office using this link
  3. Contact Senator Marcellino’s Office using this link
  4. Contact Assemblyman Lavine using this link
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