Read our Legal Appeal

Congratulations to all CSW members who worked so hard over the past six months in fundraising and of course the legal and technical experts who assisted with our new legal appeal. We just filed and invite you to read it:

New York Supreme Court Appellate Division – Second Department
In the Matter of the Application of
Docket No.: 2016-10030

Our favorite part? The verbatim quotes from Glen Cove’s own Planning Board Members:

  • It “is three times bigger in the footprint;”
  • “everybody is worried about the complete mass of the westerly building. It just seems overwhelming;”
  • “[i]t just looks very, very big;”
  • “the building to the west is a lot bigger;”
  • “I understand the twelve-foot story — the twelve-story building on the waterside creates the greatest amount of views, but it’s creating the greatest amount of views for people living there, not the people who have to look at it;”
  • “as you are so close to the water, you are on top of it;”
  • “holy cow that western building is going to be huge right on the Point.”


Also read our new Notice of Intent to File Suit under the Federal Clean Water Act

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