CSW Response to New York Times article on Garvies Point

Regrettably, this article inaccurately states that Garvies Point project broke ground this month. A quick look at the facts and regulatory processes reveal that the Developer has not received the necessary environmental approvals. The USEPA stated on November 22, 2016 that the Garvies Point site is still undergoing remediation on “vast portions” of the site.

The New York Department of State’s issuance of a “consistency” determination, a finding that the project is consistent with the State’s Coastal Management policies, has to now be rescinded as it was based upon a stormwater management system which the NYDEC has just determined will result in “increase contamination into the [Glen Cove] Creek”. Governor Cuomo has expressed concern about the dumping in Long Island Sound.

The Glen Cove Creek runs directly into the Sound, traveling through Hempstead Harbor, which after 30 years of vigilant efforts to clean it up, finally re-opened its’ sea beds in 2014 for harvesting hardshell clams. It was Nassau County indicted officials who approved a waiver of the required 8” stormwater retention for this site.

Given the times we are regrettably and inevitably facing, it is more important than ever to be thorough with our reporting, done with an understanding of all the divergent issues.

– Amy B Marion, ESQ

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