Long Island Traffic

There are many contentious issues regarding the proposed development at Garvies Point:

  1. 11 story towers do not belong in Nassau County
  2. The land is toxic and unsafe
  3. Economic realities don’t support this development and won’t benefit Glen Cove as predicted
  4. Dredging, building and stormwater runoff will significantly harm Hempstead Harbor

Those are just a few examples of why this is wrong for our North Shore, and wrong for Long Island.

But the ultimate concern to many residents is – and probably always will be – traffic. There is simply no way for our local roads to absorb the approximate 5,000 additional vehicles (when one views all Glen Cove developments in total – something the Glen Cove administration is strangely reluctant to do) –  which will be scrambling to get in and out of Glen Cove.

There are essentially only two roads in and out of Glen Cove. One is a one lane road, and the other, Route 107, becomes a one lane road in Brookville. Project planners, the developer and the City of Glen Cove have offered no meaningful plan to deal with this influx of new cars. Nothing. The plan offers simply to plant more trees. This is an affront to all Long Islanders and their quality of life. Here are some interesting quotes:

[…the intersection of Glen Cove Road and Northern Blvd] is “one of the most congested in the area.”

[regarding Northern Blvd and 107]: “significantly, no traffic counts or other observations were performed at the intersection of Route 107 and Route 25A. This information is critical for your Board to understand and ultimately “certify ” that the likely routes of travel to and from the Campus will not result in significant adverse impacts to local traffic conditions on local roads and the character of the residential neighborhoods they serve.”

–Michael Zarin
March 20, 2014
letter regarding NYIT’s proposed Old Westbury Campus improvements

Whose words are these? Those of Michael Zarin, the highly-paid “Special Counsel” retained by Glen Cove for nearly a decade to push the Garvies Point development through.

But here, Mr. Zarin seems to be admitting that traffic in these areas is a major concern. “one of the most congested in the area.” and that increased travel on these roads could “result in significant adverse impacts to local traffic conditions.”

This letter was written by Mr. Zarin to oppose a much smaller proposed development – at the same time he was defending Garvies Point against the same concerns. Readers must wonder by now just what’s to be believed… It seems this attorney is able to change his opinion simply by who is signing his checks.

But this is just one example – none of our elected officials have any meaningful answer to handle the increased number of cars and vehicles traveling in and out of Glen Cove if Garvies Point proceeds as planned. That’s because there is no answer – it’s just too big.




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