Glen Cove IDA “Special Meeting” 6PM 6/30

Last chance to save Glen Cove from financial ruin…

Mayor Reginald Spinello made a public statement recently (which we have on video) that they would not be voting on the additional $97 million – wait – just raised to $120-$150 million – in bond financing (debt) at the next meeting, yet the agenda released just yesterday for a “Special Meeting” tonight includes:

(c) Approving Financial Assistance for RXR Glen Isle Partners LLC Resolutions GCLEAC


(b) Authorizing the issuance of Revenue Bonds (Garvies Point Public Improvement Project)

A “special” meeting with two days’ notice given, conflicting times (6PM on the notice, 7PM on the IDA website), held right at dinnertime… Why it almost seems like the mayor and IDA don’t really want the public involved, doesn’t it?

Please stop by – even if just for a few minutes – and help us stop this disaster in the making.

Thursday, June 30
Glen Cove City Hall
2nd floor Conference Room
9 Glen Street

Thank you!

The City of Glen Cove has moved from “Moderate Fiscal Stress” to “Significant Fiscal Stress,” according to the Fiscal Stress Report from the New York State Comptroller’s office.

View Glen Cove’s Dismal Fiscal Stress Monitoring Result Here

“The Comptroller makes suggestions, but we don’t have to listen to him.”
– Mayor Reginald Spinello

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