Gavies Point as a Cautionary Tale

In 2011, the Final Environmental Impact Statement for the Garvies Point Waterfront Development was finalized by RXR.  Although many individuals and organizations expressed concern over the cursory treatment of environmental issues–including treatment of contaminated soil and groundwater and lack of storm-water planning–the environmental impact statement was not challenged and the community’s window to do so expired. It was not until the developer submitted changes to the plans in 2015 (modifying building design and locations, and altering plans for stormwater management) that the Committee for a Sustainable Waterfront was formed to challenge this misplaced monstrosity of a development.

The Committee for a Sustainable Waterfront sought a supplemental environmental impact statement to study the adverse environmental impacts of the new plans. Unfortunately, however, the bar for success in such an action is high and we did not prevail in the Supreme Court (the lowest court in the state). Our challenge is pending appeal and we remain committed to exploring alternative courses of action to ensure that the development proceeds in a sustainable, law-abiding, and conscientious manner.

While researching the facts surrounding this process, and in the drafting of the arguments and comment letters to the relevant agencies, we uncovered a lot of information about the development. We will be sharing those findings over the coming months so stay tuned!

Further, we remain committed to fighting the overall scale of this development. There are still areas to challenge, it is a shaky project from every standpoint. From the adverse impacts on the environment to the shaky bond financing. It is important to note that the DEC/EPA and US Army Corp of Engineers have not yet issued the permits necessary for the project to move forward in its entirety.  We will be here, representing the community and the environment.

Thank you for your ongoing support,
The Committee For a Sustainable Waterfront

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