Garvies Point Information & Letters

NEW – Notice of Intent to File Suit under the Federal Clean Water Act

NEW – Response to erroneous Newsday article on Garvies Point

NEW – Comments regarding Applications for a Planned Unit Development (PUD)

– DEC Request for More Information Letter sent to RXR Realty / Glen Isle (including requiring “Ongoing Radiological Monitoring”)

– Letter to Glen Cove Planning Board from Concerned Citizen (which cites numerous improprieties regarding this development)

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation – Request for Additional Information [to RXR Realty]

Our Environmental Consultant’s Comments on the “Further Amendment to the Amended Planned Unit Development Plan” for the Garvies Point Development in Glen Cove

Comment Letter to DEC Division of Environmental Permits Dec 2016

Garvies Point FOIL Request: City of Glen Cove & Zarin

Letter to Department of State regarding Consistency Determination 12/16

Comments Regarding Applications for a Planned Unit Development (PUD)

Superfund Expert’s Updated Memo on Garvies Point Stormwater

Response to The Wall Street Journal: Mega-Development Gets Under Way on Long Island

George P. Pombar
President, Glen Head-Glenwood Civic Council

Letters on the Glen Cove IDA’s $907 million Financing (debt)

Not Anti-Development, but this ain’t smart!

Letter to the Editor, May

Glen Cove Record Pilot – letter 1

Glen Cove Record Pilot – letter 2




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