Disappointing News on Article 78

Disappointing news…
By now you may have heard that we did not prevail in our most recent Article 78 against RXR, the City of Glen Cove, et al.

The Committee for a Sustainable Waterfront (CSW) respectfully disagrees with the court’s decision. We are exploring our options up to and including an appeal. This Article 78 was about the City’s approval of a completely different stormwater management system that was never subjected to an environmental review. The fact that the court found for the defendant does not alter the reality that there has not been an environmental review of this plan since 2011… that review was inadequate and is now stale. The court’s decision does not change the fact that as recently as this summer toxic waste was discovered spewing out of an outfall directly into Glen Cove Creek.

It doesn’t change the fact that the size and scale of this development will destroy the entire North Shore region that is already choking from traffic congestion. Many, many residents of the area are opposed to it. It doesn’t change the fact that the rosy financial projections are projections over 40 years. Projections are often wrong, especially that far out, and any miscalculation in revenue or costs could be a disaster for the City of Glen Cove. It doesn’t change the fact that the impact to the School District alone could be far worse than projected. They only account for 53 new students coming from more than 1100 residences. If more children enroll in schools than projected as a result of this plan, there could be millions of dollars of shortfall to the district which will have to be made up by the taxpayers of Glen Cove.

Although the court decided against us in this action, and we are weighing our options, we are confident that the pending appeals of the original Citizens lawsuit and the Village of Sea Cliff lawsuit will be successful. The fight for a more sustainable plan will not end with this setback.

Thank you all so much for your continued support and please stay tuned for further updates.

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