Committee for a Sustainable Waterfront’s Position Statement on the upcoming DEC Hearing regarding Captain’s Cove on 3/23, 7PM at Glen Cove City Hall


The Department of Environmental Protection’s statement announcing the hearing to be held on 3/23, and the position it takes, are misleading.

It is important to note that no remedy is yet in place and the City of Glen Cove has consistently misrepresented the status of this remediation to the public.

The DEC’s recent announcement states that they have not yet approved methods to insure that the land remains safe. These methods are called controls. So while the City of Glen Cove has continuously said these parcels are cleaned up, the DEC’s recent announcement shows that is not the case, and that the “remedies” regarding the toxic waste are yet to be determined.


The DEC should look at of the impacts of its decision to deem this land safe for human use, including the impact to the water we swim, kayak and sail in, the impact to wetlands, the impact to groundwater saturation, the impact of the runoff into the creek and harbor, and the impact to the shellfish beds in Hempstead Harbor. It should also analyze the impacts on all of the above from the dredging activities which the Plan proposes.


A leading Ecologist and Superfund Expert puts it this way:

“Perhaps people don’t realize that the determination to stop a clean-up of toxic and hazardous waste follows a procedure called ‘risk assessment’, wherein a statistical analysis is made to derive a probability of a given percentage of the population being made ill by the amount of pollution left behind…i.e., when the ‘no further clean-up action’ is recommended . . . so these health assessments are based on generalized regional statistical estimates of how many people will die if a certain level of pollution is left. From a generalization, and according to the discretion of agency staff, we will be left with a certain level of pollution that will kill a ‘small number’ of people.”

— Dr. Ronald W Abrams, CEP, PhD

We oppose this misguided decision by the DEC, and believe that the ground and groundwater should be completely cleaned up, not covered up, before consideration is given to development.

Please come to the hearing on 3/23 and show your opposition to this DEC decision.


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