Committee for a
Sustainable Waterfront

Uniting against the proposed high density/high traffic housing at Garvies Point

We are a group of concerned Long Islanders who have joined together to fight against the current plan for the proposed RXR/Glen Isle Development on the still toxic superfund site proposed at Garvies Point in Glen Cove.

We are your friends and neighbors across the North Shore. We love our beautiful communities and especially our waterfront.


There have been remediation efforts but the EPA has not deemed parcels of this land suitable for residential use (EPA 5 Year Review, 9/30/15). In fact groundwater and soil contamination levels remain above MCL (Minimum Contamination Levels).

There are still contaminants in Glen Cove Creek that could not be removed by the Army Corp of Engineers in prior operations. The work in Glen Cove Creek is likely to release these contaminants that the US Army Corp of Engineers calls “unsuitable” for anything but containment due to the nature of the contamination (USACE Report Dated August 2015).


The proposed development at Garvies Point is out of scale and character with our bucolic North Shore community.

The buildings will be massive (over 700,000 sq. ft) with huge towers that will mar the view for many North Shore communities.

According to the developer’s own estimate, the construction will take at least 10 years, bring with it the noise and traffic of construction vehicles.


The quality of life and health in our communities is at stake.

This plan will bring our North Shore towns an unprecedented, and unacceptable, level of density (noise, traffic, light pollution) by adding as many as 2500 additional residents and 3200 cars to our already crowded roadways (Final Environmental Impact Statement).


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